The Racing for Dollars $100,000 Monthly Promotion qualifying period begins at 12:01am on the First Day of the Month and ends at 12:00am on the Last Day of the Month. Players must redeem their accumulated hours of play at any of the designated levels for a cash rebate of collection fees by no later than midnight on the First Day of the following month. Player hours do not rollover or transfer to the following month or any other time period.
$100,000 is the maximum cash rebate paid during the redemption period. The promotion for the designated month will end at the earlier of the payment of the maximum cash rebate of $100,000 or the expiration of the redemption period. No additional rebates will be paid after the promotion ends.
Earn credit for hours of play at live poker games during the qualifying period by using your player’s card. Present your player card to the dealer who will enter your card into the poker tracking system when you are eligible to receive your first hand. The poker tracking system will record the time you play pursuant to the player tracking rules in effect.
Each 60 minutes of play recorded in the poker tracking system equals one hour of play for redemption purposes. You may check your hours of play at the player kiosk at any time. If you wish to redeem hours of play for a cash rebate, please notify floor staff who will assist you with the payout at the cage.
Must have a valid Player’s Card. You may obtain a Player’s Card at the welcome center or main room poker station at any time. Management reserves the right to amend this promotion or player tracking rules at any time in its sole discretion. Management decision is final.