Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Games does Ocean’s 11 offer?

A. We offer player-friendly versions of your favorite games: Blackjack (21st Century Blackjack 8.0 with patented No-Bust Feature), Progressive Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus, EZ Baccarat Panda 8, Progressive Fortune Pai Gow Poker, and Progressive Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

Q. Who Acts as the house and banks the games?

A. Unlike Las Vegas or Tribal casinos, California casinos do not bank the bets at the tables. The casinos do not take the players’ bets that lose and do not pay the players’ bets that win. Instead “you” can bank the action and play against the other players. Each player has two chances every round to bank. When a player chooses to bank the action, the player is known as the “player-dealer.”

Q. Why do I have to pay a small fee sometimes?

A. Since Ocean’s 11 does not play against the players, it collects a small fee (“the collection”) from the player-dealer and from players in some games.

Q. Do all games have a fee?

A. The player-dealer must pay a fee every hand in all games. The amount of the player-dealer fee varies and is posted at the table.

Players do not pay any fees in EZ Baccarat Panda 8 and Progressive Fortune Pai Gow Poker and these games are in every way the same games found in any Las Vegas or Tribal Casino.

In 21st Century Blackjack 8.0, Progressive Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus, Pure Spanish 21.5 and Progressive Ultimate Texas Hold’em players must pay 50 cents for every bet (spot) up to $50. All fees are regulated and approved by the California Department of Justice.

Q. Are there advantages to playing games with a small fee?

A. Absolutely!

21st Century Blackjack 8.0: Unlike Las Vegas or Tribal casinos, in our No-Bust 21st Century Blackjack 8.0, if the player’s three card hand totals 23, 24, or 25, and the player-dealer’s cards total more than the player’s cards, the hand is a push.

Progressive Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus: Unlike Las Vegas or Tribal casinos, The dealer exposes one of the dealer’s cards before the final bet, giving players a big advantage. Also, unlike anywhere else, if the dealer’s hand does not qualify, the player wins the Ante bet regardless of which hand is higher.

Progressive Ultimate Texas Hold’em: Ocean’s 11 offers the best payouts in San Diego!

Please Gamble Responsibly. 1-800-GAMBLER. GEGA-000062, 002433, 003496, 002859, 003495, 003724.